I would like to start this blog off addressing one of the most peculiar aspects of fat activism - sexual attraction.  It appears, in pictures such as the first two, that many FA advocates are somehow trying to change what others find attractive.  For instance, take the first picture.  If this woman is having sex with someone willing to have sex with her, then she should have no problem leaving the light on.  But if leaving the light on means the other person might get repulsed, then for what reason are the two of them having sex in the first place? 

Now, in the second picture, the woman is more explicitly attempting to redefine beauty.  It is certainly acceptable - important, actually - to feel beautiful in your own skin, but the woman actually admits that she is trying to redefine beauty.  In other words, she is trying to redefine it in the eyes of the beholders.  How, exactly, does she hope to accomplish this?  People who are already attracted to her will continue to be so, but her campaign is not going to create attraction in people where it doesn’t already exist.  No one is universally considered beautiful.  Sure, some people and body types have more admirers then others, but that cannot be changed.  As for the woman’s decision to strip down on public transportation, that can be addressed another time.

The third picture, in contrast, makes an actual valid point about respecting other people regardless of their body type.  I find it quite preferable to the first two pictures because it does not attempt to manipulate the sexual desires of others.  Perhaps it is important for fat women and men (more on this later) both to shift their attitudes away from those of the first two pictures to that of the third picture.